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Becker, Katja Giessen

Expertise: Redox metabolism of eukaryotic cells with a focus on malaria parasites, structural and functional characterization of redox-active proteins, thioredoxin and glutathione system, redox regulation and signaling, antiparasitic and anticancer drug discovery

Methodology provided: The Becker lab will provide long-standing expertise on the recombinant production and structural as well as functional characterization of redox-active proteins. This includes cloning, heterologous overexpression, and purification of genes/functional enzymes from various organisms, including malaria parasites, man, Drosophila melanogaster, and Anopheles gambiae, as well as transcriptome analyses to study mRNA levels and their regulation in the respective organism/cells. The repertoire further includes detailed enzyme kinetics, functional redox-based protein-protein interaction studies, protein crystallization and x-ray crystallography as well as molecular modeling and docking approaches. More than 20 functional redox assays are established in the lab as well as the determination of numerous cellular redox markers. The lab has furthermore developed several redox enzyme-based high throughput screening assays. Differential large-scale proteome analyses (SILAC, MudPIT) have been carried out in collaboration with John Yates, Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA. Furthermore, the lab routinely cultivates Plasmodium falciparum, including the large scale testing of drug effects and drug combinations as well as the determination of a variety of cellular redox parameters and knock out approaches. Subcellular localization of redox proteins (transfection, GFP-fusion proteins) and roGFP as molecular probe for the intracellular glutathione redox potential in Plasmodium have been established in collaboration with Andreas Meyer.