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Hoth, Markus Homburg

Expertise: Redox regulation of cellular function and ion channel activity, Coenzyme Q10 involvement in calcium signalling and redox regulation, mitochondrial and subcellular calcium signalling, cytotoxic T cell function, focus on ion channels and SNAREs, localized ROS measurements using various techniques, T cell polarization and migration

Methodology provided:The group of Markus Hoth will contribute to the SPP consortium fast subcellular live cell imaging, 4D deconvolution microscopy and TIRF microscopy (in different cellular compartments including plasma membrane and mitochondria), calcium imaging, patch-clamp, primary human cell systems (including different immune cell types, skin cells), cell migration and analysis, cell and organelle tracking software (Image J-based), fluorescence and luminescence plate-based reader assays, standard molecular and biochemical assays. Apart from patch-clamp, all methods can be offered at physiological temperatures and under incubator conditions. In addition, the following redox-specific methods will be provided: subcellular redox imaging with protein-based sensors (using 4D deconvolution and TIRF); detection of free radicals by electron spin resonance (EPR); determination of redox properties of bio-molecules and proteins by electrochemistry; detection of ROS by redox sensitive fluorescent dyes; and electrochemical scanning microscopy (this technology is currently further developed in a BMBF project with Heka electronics