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Riemer, Jan Kaiserslautern

Expertise: Function and physiological relevance of redox proteins of the intermembrane space of mitochondria (IMS); Oxidative folding in the IMS; Protein homeostasis in the IMS; Communication/Signalling between IMS and cytosol; Glutathione dynamics in the IMS.

Methodology provided: The lab of Jan Riemer offers a wide range of biochemical techniques to characterize thiol-disulfide processes in molecular detail in the model systems S. cerevisiae and human tissue culture cells. These techniques include the assessment of glutathione homeostasis and dynamics in mitochondria (roGFPs, glutathione cycling assays) and kinetic analyses of oxidative folding in intact cells (pulse-chase coupled redox modification). Moreover, the lab applies approaches using purified proteins (in vitro reconstitution also under hypoxic conditions) and isolated mitochondria, and analyzes redox interactomes (“wet chemistry” side of SILAC-based protein-protein interaction analyses). The work of the Riemer lab is thereby also driven by a comparative/integrative view on all characterized systems for oxidative protein folding (periplasm, ER, IMS).