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Schwarzländer, Markus Bonn

Expertise: Regulation of mitochondrial physiology and respiratory metabolism in plants; thiol redox control of, and by, plant mitochondrial respiration and its impact on cellular bioenergetics; stress-induced remodeling mechanisms of mitochondrial function in the model plant Arabidopsis; thiol redox dynamics and heterogeneity of individual mitochondria; mitochondrial energy- and redox-signaling strategies

Methodology provided: Techniques required for the quantitative use of fluorescent protein sensors in mitochondria in vitro, in organello and in vivo (i.e. in planta) will be contributed. This includes the characterisation and usage of redox sensors for glutathione, hydrogen peroxide and NADH/NAD, complemented by probes for pH, calcium and ATP/ADP. Confocal microscopy and FLIM is used to study functional and structural dynamics of individual mitochondria. Highly intact, functional mitochondria can be prepared from various plant tissues as an in organello system to dissect mitochondrial redox metabolism and regulation by combining classical bioenergetic assays with fluorometric measurements of the sensors. The majority of methods are directly applicable beyond plants to a wide range of organisms